Hi, I’m Joe Sullivan, and I’m passionate about making the world a safer place for everyone, and using technology for the greater good.

I provide security and leadership advice to executives and board members at startups and larger companies across a range of industries, mentor the next generation of security leaders, speak publicly on trends in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, and serve as the CEO of Ukraine Friends, a nonprofit organization providing humanitarian aid to children trying to learn and grow in a war zone.

I have been working at the intersection of government, technology, and security since before the Internet went mainstream. I was the first federal prosecutor based in Silicon Valley and dedicated full time to prosecuting cybercrime. I worked on safety and security at eBay and PayPal (2002-2008) before becoming the Chief Security Officer at Facebook (2008-2015), Uber (2015 – 2017), and Cloudflare (2018 – 2022). I have advised a large number of companies over the years ranging from AirBnB to DoorDash to Whoop, have testified before the US Congress twice, and in 2016 accepted and served an appointment from President Obama to his independent, bipartisan Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity.