Hellman & Friedman 2023 CISO & CEO Summit, Washington DC

At the Hellman & Friedman 2023 CISO & CEO Summit, I spoke to a room full of security executives and their most important executive sponsors (CEOs, CFOs, etc.) about the need for CISOs to not view security as their exclusive problem and how we need to involve the entire executive team in figuring out the right way and amount to invest in security. Only when the entire executive leadership team understands the challenges at a deeper level will we achieve the right level of investment…. Read more.

Team 8 Summit, Tel Aviv

Team 8 Summit, Tel Aviv At the Team 8 Summit, I addressed an audience of entrepreneurs, investors, and security professionals, sharing my experiences as a security executive. Despite facing prosecution and considerable media negativity over the past several years, I discussed how one can effectively manage the role’s inherent stress with… Read more.